Tokyo Split Animator for Final Cut Pro X Review

Tokyo Productions is a UK-based creative shop specializing in promotional videos, and its Creative Director, Simon Ubsdell, has been hard at work creating useful and versatile templates and plug-ins for Final Cut Pro.

The first of these plug-ins is Split Animator, a robust and infinitely useful tool for Final Cut Pro X (FCP X) that expands on the traditional split screen in sixteen different ways.

Essentially, it enables you to create a seemingly endless series of split screens which allow you to play a series of different media files (including still images) simultaneously. It’s an excellent tool for sports videographers and videos with montage/action sequences.

Tokyo Split Animator for Final Cut Pro X Review

How It Works

Tokyo Split Animator is a series of 16 different video effects that automatically resizes an image or video to fit a pre-assigned space. You can customize where and how the template is displayed, though the predesignated defaults are actually quite good, as-is.

You can adjust how a specific tile arrives and departs from a scene, including a wide array of direction commands that can be changed in seconds.

Borders, which can enhance how the splits look, can also be customized using the properties menu for each clip. Splits can be situated as if to float above the other videos, or to have a bold, stylish division.

Some of the splits change the aspect ratio of the clip, though it won’t distort the image at all. You can move the clip within the tile so that the subject is aligned perfectly.

Tokyo Split Animator allows you to work outside of the traditional rectangular layouts and create a video that has a number of different images appearing in any number of locations around the video. If anything, it frees you to spend more time deciding how you want a scene to look and less time dealing with the hassles of making it happen using built-in tools in Final Cut Pro X.

How to Get It

You can get Tokyo Split Animator as part of Noise Industries’ FxFactory. This visual effects tool allows you to demo and purchase a wide range of different effects produced by many different studios. When I was offered a review copy of Tokyo Split Animator, I was already using FxFactory for another tool, so adding the new plug-in was as simple as adding the registration code you receive after purchase.

Tokyo Split Animator costs $49 and you can use it for a variety of purposes from home to commercial. A free demo is available through FxFactory, though it will leave a watermark on your videos until you register your copy.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to creating dynamic videos that take editing a step beyond what you might find in included transitions and effects, there’s no better way to do it than through the use of plug-ins designed by people who make their living doing video.

Tokyo Split Animator is one of the easiest tools I’ve used on Final Cut Pro, and it enabled me to create a unique video with multiple sources streaming simultaneously in a matter of seconds. It really is a great plug-in to have in any professional editor’s toolkit.

Do you know of a plug-in for Final Cut Pro X that you’d like us to review here? Please leave a comment below and let us know.

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