Words with Friends Gives You Turn-Based Gaming on Your Time

Some months ago, a friend of mine invited me for a round of Words with Friends. At first, I sighed at the prospect of playing yet another Scrabble clone. To my surprise, Words with Friends has a few interesting aspects that make it quite enjoyable. For example, the fact that turns can be taken on your time and a typical game can last anywhere from half an hour to a couple weeks means that every aspect of play can be done on at your convenience.

Through Words with Friends, you can connect with people you already know through Facebook and Twitter. The integrated tools allow you to invite your friends and find people in your social circles (Google+ aside, for now) that area already playing. If you don’t have anyone in mind that you’d like to play with, you have the ability to initiate a new game with a random opponent. If you like a particular opponent, you can invite them to a rematch.

If having just one game at a time seems a little slow for you, start two, or three, or even twenty. Words with Friends is about flexibility, and this program certainly doesn’t come up short there.

Words with Friends is available on iOS and Android. The iPad version is formatted to work well on the larger surface, though it does come with a price of $2.99. If you really enjoy these word games, the price doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable. If you’re truly resistant to paying a fee, there are ad-supported versions available for free.

Communication is at the heart of Words with Friends. During a game, you can chat with your opponent and begin a conversation that can carry over to your other social spaces. If you’re playing against a random opponent, you can very well make a new friend with an interest in the same type of gameplay.

Overall, Words with Friends is a fun word-based game that is incredibly easy to figure out and navigate through. Zoom functions, chat, integrated social network tools, and more will bring you in and give you everything you need to have fun with the classic game. If you’re really having trouble, you could always try Kelly’s trick.

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