Top Five Audio/Video Gadgets I Use Every Day

Top Five Audio/Video Gadgets I Use Every DayI’ve done a lot of audio/video work during my day-to-day tasks at LockerGnome. During that time, I’ve gone through my fair share of equipment here in the home office. Some of this equipment I’d rather not speak about, but there are a handful of these products that I would absolutely recommend.

One thing you learn in the world of tech writing is that every product, no matter how great it is compared to everything else in its class, has faults. There are no exceptions in this group, as I’ve become acutely aware of the flaws and hassles that accompany each of these devices. Some of them are recommended because they work every time I use them, while others I’d recommend based on comparisons with other options in the same price range.

Bottom line: if you take audio and video production seriously, you want equipment that you know will work. Guessing which products will or will not perform the way you need them to while you’re capturing moments that will not repeat themselves is vital. Each of these products has passed the test on multiple occasions, and that makes them among my favorite here in the home office.

Here are my top five audio/video gadgets.

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