Save Minutes During Long Holds on iPhone and Android

If you’re like me, you’ve had one or two run-ins with customer service. All too often, a customer service call comes with a long hold time that eats minutes off your monthly allotment while you sit without solution or satisfaction. Here is one method of cutting through this inconvenience and preserving your precious minutes.

LucyPhone by Decogram is a free app for the iPhone and Android devices that sits on hold for you and calls when customer service picks up. The app works by calling customer service and “setting up” the call on your behalf. When a live customer service agent picks up, they’re greeted by “Lucy” and informed that by pressing 1 their customer will be on the line. At this point, Lucy calls your mobile, or whatever number it is you told it to call, and you’re instantly in touch with the rep having wasted none of your minutes doing so.

Here’s how it works:

1. Lucy will call you first then “patch” you through to the company.

2. Use the company’s phone menu just as you normally would. Get put on hold? Press ** (that’s star star) and your phone will be disconnected but Lucy will stay on the line.

3. Once a live agent is on the line, Lucy will call you back immediately and connect you both. If you get put on hold again, just press ** again.

There is a major drawback to LucyPhone. Many customer service representatives and some IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems are not accustomed to Lucy just yet. Smaller single-city electric companies, for example, may have a significant hold time ending with an agent that hasn’t been trained to know that Lucy is legit. If you’re pressed for time and are unfamiliar with the company you are calling and their willingness to work with LucyPhone customers, it is probably in your best interest to try it when you’re not in a hurry.

On the upside, many companies are becoming aware of services like this and many larger companies are training their staff to listen for automated callback services. The best way to find out if this app would work for you with companies you deal with regularly is to give it a try.

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