Samsung Modus 3500 Mono / Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review

Mobile phones have gone from being simple communication devices to multipurpose portable computers allowing their users to experience music, movies, and television on the go. Sadly, bluetooth headsets are more often than not mono, making them useless for multimedia use. This is where a stereo bluetooth headset comes in, but these are also considered bulky overkill for most people.

The Samsung Modus 3500 ($40-75) gives users the ability to switch between stereo and mono modes with a single ear bud, a pair of in-ear headphones for a better music listening experience, an auxiliary jack for plugging in to the line in of an audio device, and a 3.5mm headset adapter allowing you to listen with your favorite pair of headphones.

Audio quality during calls on both the earpiece and the stereo headphones was surprisingly good. While the headset offered little in terms of bass, calls were very clear coming in. Both microphone options include noise cancellation that works very well in situations where street noise would normally come between you and the person you’re talking to.

The included headset and line-in adapters attach to the bluetooth headset via the micro-usb port. The line-in adapter allows you to plug the headset in to a CD player, home stereo system, vehicle, etc. The headset adapter gives you the ability to attach your favorite stereo headphones for music listening on your terms. While neither of these attachments are unique to the Modus 3500, they aren’t common in a bluetooth headset in this price range.

The headset and in-ear headphones both include several different sized adapters to fit the user’s ear. The headset also has a clip adapter to allow you to clip it to your shirt while you listen through the in-ear headphones.

One disappointing downside to the Modus 3500 is its lack of media player controls. While the unit is built with mobile music and video in mind, it lacks this key feature.

Overall, the Modus 3500 series headset sits in the middle of the road on audio quality, battery life, and comfort. The versatility of the unit is what sets it apart from other headsets in the same price range.

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