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PicLens is the latest Firefox 3 plugin I’ve picked up, featuring a new way to browse through some of the most popular video and picture sites. You can search for that YouTube video that has been haunting you for the past week, or check Flickr for that perfect Creative Commons licensed photo (Don’t worry, I took the one above myself.)

PicLens isn’t just for Firefox users either, as it boasts support for Internet Explorer and Safari as well. Supporting websites like YouTube, Flickr, PhotoBucket, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Myspace, it is a must-have application for anyone looking for that little something extra in their browsing. Response is fast and the images on the photo wall tend to be low resolution copies to allow you to quickly see and sort between them. Once you click on one of the images, the full resolution image or video loads for you.

The only downside I’ve found is there is no set windowed mode. Sure fullscreen is great, but I’d love to have this application run inside of a window, especially when working with a large desktop and you could really use some of the extra space for something else you might be doing.

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