moneto Adds Easy NFC Payments to iPhone and Android

moneto Adds Easy NFC Payments to iPhone and AndroidThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of moneto. All opinions are 100% my own.

It seems like every time I read a review of the iPhone, I’m faced with the same criticisms: The iPhone doesn’t support NFC, and it certainly doesn’t allow for microSD. What if there were a case that not only made it possible to make NFC payments from a secured account, but also extended your battery? What if some of these features were instantly transferable between an iPhone and an Android phone?

Enter moneto, a company that has created a virtual wallet that does just that. moneto’s products aim to not only make it easy to manage your finances using a smartphone, but also to make payments anywhere that MasterCard PayPass payments are accepted. This is achieved by way of a special microSD card that contains NFC technology. In order for it to work on the iPhone, moneto designed some clever cases that offer additional features to the iPhone 4 and 4S. Android users need but insert the microSD card on their device for it to work.


The software end of moneto’s system is really quite remarkable. It enables you to perform card-to-card transfers, track spending, make instant payments, and keep tabs on your balance at a glance. The app is easy to navigate, too.

This isn’t just an app for iOS, either. Android users can freely take advantage of all that moneto has to offer. The interface is the same, and you can even swap the same microSD card between the two devices to keep your financial data safely with you wherever you go. Nothing is stored on your phone and everything is encrypted and secure. Without your PIN, it would be practically impossible for anyone to access your private information.


Let’s talk about the hardware for a moment. We all know that the iPhone 4 and 4S do not have microSD slots. So, how would you take advantage of moneto’s service? The answer is found in a couple of very sleek-looking cases. The moneto x and moneto iCaisse 4 are two such options that can unlock a lot of capabilities for your iPhone 4 or 4S.

moneto X
The moneto X is a lot more than just a protective case. It provides a number of perks that extend well beyond just enabling you to use moneto’s service. It’s available for direct purchase at a price of $79.95.

  • 1200 MAh extended battery
  • Prepaid microSD to enable your iPhone
  • $10 pre-loaded in your account and ready to use
  • Linked prepaid debit MasterCard for ATM access
  • USB cable

The prepaid debit MasterCard enables you to access your moneto account as you would any other bank account. You can visit the ATM and withdraw money and use it to purchase goods at stores that don’t currently support MasterCard PayPass.

moneto iCaisse 4
The moneto iCaisse 4 is a more traditional-looking case with a matte black finish. For $59.95, you get all the advantages of the moneto X minus the extended battery. It’s a little slimmer and more discrete.

Other Notes

moneto is more than just an NFC payment service. It acts like a bank account in itself. You can put money into it, take money out, and make payments anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. The first three months of service are free, as are any additional months in which $300 or more is spent.

Every moneto customer is backed by the same MasterCard’s zero liability policy, so any wrongdoings on the account do not negatively impact you. moneto describes its service as an alternative to a checking account, and that may well be the best way to put it.

I wouldn’t say it should be your primary bank account, but it is an innovative way to make payments while you’re out and about. Who wants to carry around a bulky wallet these days, anyway?

2 comments On moneto Adds Easy NFC Payments to iPhone and Android

  • It’s nice but like every other new service, U.S. only. There are quite a lot of iPhone and smartphone users outside the U.S. that in the end never see the light of day from so many features. NFC per say, something very difficult to find in Europe (I’ve seen only in London) and outside England a lot of people still look you wrong if you want to user a credit card for a purchase. I’m a very strong believer in cashless payments, I don’t ever have money in my wallet, only my cards and this is so far the most secure way of having money. Personally, having NFC enabled device in Europe for payments is still a feature you would pay for maybe using once in your device’s lifetime.

    I’m really hoping more world services will appear and make electronic payments more compelling to people and shops in general.

    Great article by the way.

  • About the sentence starting with “What if there were a case that not only made it possible to make NFC payments from a secured account” Shouldn’t the next word have been “but?”

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