LEGO Brick Slippers Make Staying Warm Constructively Fun

LEGO Brick Slippers Make Staying Warm Constructively Fun
LEGO Brick Slippers prove that having building bricks protecting your feet is much more comfortable than stepping on them in bare feet. Plush beats sharp — in this case, anyway! [Image shared by Amazon]
The world of comfortable slippers is in a sad state, indeed. Well, that is until the LEGO Brick Slippers were invented! These comfortable, unapologetically red (see what I did there?) slippers are the perfect geeky exclamation point to any cold evening at home. Add to that the fact that they’re much better for your feet than actual building bricks, and you have one heck of a cool product.

Why would you want to stick your feet in something as boring as the inventory at your local supermarket? Slippers are meant to be personal, comfortable, and fun to wear. For too long, we’ve fallen victim to the same bland, boring, fuzzy slippers that our grandparents wore. I say, “Enough is enough!”

LEGO Brick Slippers Make a Statement

If you bought your house shoes at the supermarket, there’s a good chance they have one of three basic looks about them. They might be blue with very little cushioning, but just plain enough to pass for regular shoes while you check the mail. They might even be brown with long fake animal fur that make you feel as though your feet are wedged between two sleeping yetis. No matter what your current slippers look like, it’s time to throw those things out and replace them with something that makes you smile every time you put them on!

The red LEGO Brick Slippers are one size fits most, which means that just about anyone’s feet can fit in these things. They’re actually good for feet up to a men’s size 12.

Downsides? Well, they don’t provide very much heel support. The same design that makes them so easy to slip into makes them fairly impractical for wearing around town. You know you who are, “Pajamas to Walmart” guy.

I really like these slippers. They’re witty, and a lot less creepy than those Kermit the Frog slippers you were eying at the store the other day. I mean, really. Who doesn’t love LEGO?

Get your own LEGO Brick Slippers — for yourself or the LEGO fanatic in your life!

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