Is $25 Off the Price of a Kindle Worth Seeing Advertisements?

In a move that appears to mimic Google’s stance on keeping costs down with advertisements, Amazon has unveiled their newest plan to knock down the prices of the already rather frugal Kindle. For a savings of $25 USD, you can select a Kindle that displays advertisements on the screen saver and home pages.

These ads initially include sponsors like Buick, Visa, Chase, and Olay. There are also special offers expected such as half-price gift cards, dollar Audible books, and coupons  for their music store.

Are the ads expected to be intrusive? Thankfully, the answer to this one is a soft no. While the ad will certainly appear during the time a screen saver appears on your Kindle, the only other advertisement you should see will appear on the bottom of your home screen. According to Amazon, you should never see an ad in the middle of your book.

This means you can purchase a Kindle with Wi-Fi for $114, but if advertisements are really that much of a hassle, the ad-free Wi-Fi and 3G models are still available at the same $139 and $189 price points.

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