How to Win Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with Google

Google search has always been a hotbed for interesting Easter eggs, and this one could win you a few bets. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a game played throughout the world by movie fans who challenge each other to connect one actor or another to Kevin Bacon, an actor which has appeared in over 70 movies during his career.

He’s also a director, producer, and writer.

So, how can Google help you find the shortest path between actors? Just initiate a search with these components:

Bacon Number (Actor/Actress’ Name)

The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game is a challenge to link any one actor or actress to Kevin Bacon in the least possible number of steps. Those steps are called a “Bacon Number” and the theory is that virtually any actor should be able to be linked to Kevin Bacon in six or fewer steps.

What makes this game somewhat timeless is the fact that anyone acting in any movie changes the algorithm. One actor may go into their new role with a Bacon Number of three and leave that role with a number of two if one of their costars happened to have worked with Kevin Bacon in the past.

How to Win Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with Google

According to the Oracle of Bacon, there were 32 actors in the movie business with a Bacon Number of eight, 204 with a number of seven, and everyone else had a link of six or less. Considering there are well over one million credited actors throughout the history of the movie business, the relatively low number exceeding a sixth degree is pretty startling.

This tool from Google is just one of the many Easter eggs embedded in Google Search to make your life a little easier, or at least make it easier to cheat while playing this silly pop culture game over the phone.

What is your favorite Google Search Easter egg? Is there an actor you know of who exceeds that sixth degree of Kevin Bacon?

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