How to Stop Google from Saving Your Search and Web History

Did you know that everything you search and every site you visit is saved by Google? This is one of the tools Google uses to target ads to you as you’re browsing the web. By finding out what you’re interested in, they are able to send ads your way they feel you’re more likely to check out. The idea of a large corporation having your every search and click cataloged and tracked can be a very scary thing, and no page serves as a more sudden wake-up call than Google History.

While you’re logged in to Google (through any one of their many projects), your searches may be added to this growing database of your web history. Things are stored for a significant period of time – dating all the way back to the the early days of Gmail and Google Maps.

If having all of your various searches and site visits logged in the cloud isn’t your cup of tea, you can delete your history and put a stopper on future activity being stored through the Google History page. All you need to do is select Pause Web History next to the theĀ Web History is on title on the top of the home page. This will stop Google from databasing your future Web searches (at least, it’s supposed to) and you’ll immediately notice the difference as you browse the Web and go back to the page. New entries should cease to propagate.

To get rid of everything already existing on the database, you need to select Clear entire Web History, which is located almost directly under the pause button you selected earlier. After confirming your selection, the entire history of your Web usage while logged in to Google should be wiped clean.

Whether or not Google actually deletes this data from its servers is another issue, but at least no one will have access to your entire browsing history dating back to the early days of the Internet should they sit down at your computer and decide to take a curious stroll down Google’s Memory Lane.

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