How to Search for the Best Deals on Tech Hardware

How to Search for the Best Deals on Tech HardwareFinding the best deal on electronics can be difficult, especially when prices are constantly shifting, new products are coming out almost daily, and thousands of retailers are competing for your business. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few sites that have been designed to help you save money on electronics. While these sites each offer their own set of features to help out the consumer, they are very similar in that they all track prices from a wide range of retailers on the Web to help you find the best deal.


The first site I’d like to tell you about is Nextag. Nextag is one I don’t use very often, but it does offer its users a powerful search engine to find the best deals on any specific gadget you may be searching for. Nextag can also email you when the price of a specific item drops, giving you the ability to hold off for a better deal later on, without having to constantly check the site for a change in price.

After doing a search for a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Nextag came up with a list of 16 retailers that offer the camera (with an included lens) and gave me the opportunity to compare them for price and user ratings. User ratings are a good way to quickly gauge whether or not the deal given on the site may or may not come complete with a lackluster user experience. I recommend keeping an eye out for low-rated sites, but keep in mind people rarely go out of their way to give a specific retailer a good rating.

Google Product Search

The next site is Google Shopping (also known as Google Product Search). Google Shopping is a great way to do a quick price check on any gadget or gizmo you’re considering purchasing. Once you enter the name of the product you’re looking for in the search window, a list of retailers carrying the product will come up along with their base and total prices, condition of the product, and seller ratings sent in by other Google users. Further to that, Google also gives you a map indicating where you can find the item locally, should waiting for delivery from an online retailer be less appealing.


Another great site is This site allows you to search for a specific item and find out whether or not it’s expected to undergo a price drop or increase in the near future. Half of the battle for finding a good deal is in timing, because there’s nothing truly more frustrating than buying something and having the price drop on it the next week.


Finally, what could be my all time favorite frugal geek tool on the Web. Pricewatch is an excellent resource for consumers who are searching for something very specific, and want to find the best possible deal on that item. If you’re building a computer and want to find the best price on a Core i5 processor, for example, a search on Pricewatch will give you a better idea of where you can find a good deal on that component. While most gadget price tracking sites out there focus on OEM and pre-assembled systems, this site includes virtually every component you could need. It also tracks pre-assembled systems and other gadgets and gizmos as well, so there’s something for everyone there.

The Coupon Gnome

Did you know that LockerGnome has its own site dedicated to allowing you to quickly search for and discover helpful coupons to major retailers all across the Web? The Coupon Gnome is a great resource for finding a great deal, once you have a general idea of what you’re shopping for, and perhaps even where you’d like to go. The Coupon Gnome has a wide range of deals available, and the list is growing.

So, there you have it. This is how I search for the best deal on the tech I use. What are your money saving tips? Do you know of any great sites out there that can save you a significant amount of cash without making you jump through a million hoops to do so?

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  • Those are all great ideas, thanks a ton. I would throw two more ideas into the mix: First, is the website, it has a community of people that alert them to a major sale/coupon on various goods, predominantly electronics. Another thing I’d recommend is the invisible hand extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or potential even IE – I’ve only used the Chrome and Firefox version. The invisible hand extension watches your online purchasing and searches for better deals across hundreds of websites for better deals, the invisible hand works for a very diverse selection of goods. Hope that helps us all save money!

  • I rely heavily on Google Shopping (still “Froogle” in my mind). Heard of NexTag, heard of Pricewatch (which sounds great here!); never heard of the other two, but may try them in the future.
    Thanks for the tips!

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