How to Save Money on Your Groceries

If there is one universal thing geeks love, it’s food. While we may come in all shapes and sizes, LAN parties and conventions are always accompanied by food in one way or another. The problem is, grocery shopping tends to take way too much money out of your gadget budget than you may feel comfortable with. Is there a solution? Here’s how to save money on your groceries:

First, as much as you may be inclined to laugh at the image of someone clipping coupons out of their daily junk mail, it really can put a dent in the overall cost of food. Recently, grocery stores have been doing coupons in packs rather than on single items. This allows you to buy one thing, and get several others that go along with it absolutely free. Keep your eyes peeled for these kinds of deals; they may even be printed out and placed next to their featured product in the store.

You can also spot some great deals by skimming the weekly ads available by the entrance of most stores.

Also, some grocery stores have a policy that if a customer finds a product that has passed its expiration date, they can get one (that’s still within its safe time period) absolutely free as a reward for helping the store discover and remove passed produce. By identifying and reporting the problem, you may have saved the store from a potential lawsuit and customer service nightmare down the line. Make sure your local grocer has this policy before you spend too much time hunting for expired food. If they do, you might be surprised how often something sits on the shelf past its prime while stockers try their best to keep up.

You can also save money by buying gift certificates. This might sound crazy, but a lot of people sell valid gift certificates to restaurants and stores they don’t go to. Either it’s too far out of their way, or their loyalties are with their competition. In either case, you can often find coupons to small and large retailers online at auction sites like eBay and even locally through Craigslist and other classified services. Be mindful of where you’re getting your cards, as there are folks out there that would love to get one over on you.

Saving money on groceries doesn’t have to be a laughable hobby. As much as that image of the coupon clipper might warrant a chuckle, those folks are also the ones walking around with the latest gadgets.

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  • The last tip had nothing do to with groceries, and at my store if something is past the expiry date you either get 25% off or they take it away, but that’s just my store.

    Another tip I would add is to check all your grocery store flyers in the area first, and then buy whatever product you were looking for at the cheapest price.

  • TL;DR. There needs to be bullet points or sub headings.

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