How to Get Rid of Depth of Field in Fallout 76

One of the more annoying aspects of Fallout 76 is its overly-aggressive depth of field. Just about everything beyond your crosshairs is rendered blurry and difficult to see. There is a solution to this problem!

First, locate the Fallout76 directory where your copy of Fallout is installed. If you installed Fallout from the Launcher on Windows, it may be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\ Launcher\games\Fallout76. This folder may be located elsewhere depending on how you installed the software. A quick search for the Fallout76 directory should get you to the right place.

From there, right-click a blank area of the File Manager and select New > Text Document. This will create a New Text Document.txt file in the Fallout76 directory.

Rename that file to fallout76custom.ini.

Now, open the file in a text editor (such as Notepad), and paste the following:


bDoDepthOfField = 0
bDynamicDepthOfField = 0
bMBEnable = 0
bLensFlare = 0
bScreenSpaceBokeh = 0
bDoRadialBlur = 0 

All you need to do now is save the file and load Fallout 76. Once you are playing the game, you’ll notice that everything is clear!

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Ryan Matthew Pierson