Why You Should Get a Frigidaire Warranty for Your Dehumidifier

Why You Should Get a Frigidaire Warranty for Your Dehumidifier
A Frigidaire warranty — or any applicable warranty for that matter — is important to consider whenever you’re buying a big-ticket item. Or a kitty. [Image shared by jul13d0wn3s via Flickr]
Should you get a Frigidaire warranty for your dehumidifier or other heavily used appliances in the household? It isn’t often that I get the opportunity to address a subject about which I once advised people as part of my primary job. Back in the early 2000s, I troubleshot and assigned onsite technicians to work on refrigerators, air conditioners, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. The vast majority of the customers I worked with faced large repair costs if they didn’t spring for the extended warranty on their appliances beforehand.

Trouble seems to occur at the least convenient time. Either the air conditioner would go out in the hottest part of summer, or the refrigerator just before a party. Even dehumidifiers seemed to face problems just days after their Frigidaire warranty expired.

Don’t get me wrong: Dehumidifiers aren’t the most expensive appliances to replace, but you really shouldn’t have to drop $200-400 on a new unit just because the warranty expired. Repair costs for one of these can exceed their value very quickly. Like any appliance, there are certain components that cost a lot to replace, and the hourly rate of a technician can only add to the pain of having one of these go out on you.

Why You Should Get a Frigidaire Warranty for Your Dehumidifier

Why You Should Get a Frigidaire Warranty for Your DehumidifierLet’s say you picked up a good 70-pint Frigidaire dehumidifier only to have it fail on you days after the primary Frigidaire warranty has expired. You’re then faced with either bringing it in to a shop and paying for estimate in many cases, or having a technician come out to your home and face even higher costs for the convenience of doing so. That doesn’t even include the actual costs of repair.

Meanwhile, you could drop $20-70 on an extended warranty from Frigidaire and all these costs would be covered for you. Not only that, but you gain the ability to call for support and potentially have your issue resolved without a technician even coming to your home.

Even if I Have a Frigidaire Warranty, Who Fixes These?

Back when I was working warranty repairs, most of the Frigidaire warranty service happened through one of two companies. Sears was the primary holder of the account, but the second servicer on the list was a company called A&E Factory Repair, also owned by Sears. Essentially, you’d get guaranteed service by a company with a stellar reputation in repair services with a large inventory of spare parts at the ready.

That was then, and I have no idea which company (or companies) hold the big contracts for Frigidaire’s warranty service today, but it was clear to me back then while working with Frigidaire just how well the company treated holders of extended warranties. In some cases, a unit would be outright replaced by a newer unit when repairs exceeded the original cost of the unit itself. It’s this type of dedication that makes Frigidaire one of the most trusted brands in the business.

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