Five Cool Kindle Touch Covers

I’m a big fan of my Kindle Touch. I’ve owned both first and fourth generation Kindles in the past, and admit that I wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of a touch-sensitive E Ink display. After having lost my Kindle in an unfortunate overpacking accident, I decided to give the Kindle Touch a try after having been thoroughly impressed by it in the store.

The first purchase I made in support of the Kindle Touch wasn’t an e-book or a magazine subscription, but a cover. After having lost a Kindle in a way that could have been prevented with a good cover, my practice of using gadgets in their natural state came into question. I’ve never been a particularly big fan of cases and covers for anything, but in many ways that little extra care can go a long way towards extending the life of your hardware.

Below are five Kindle Touch covers that offer a combination of protection and design — with a geeky twist.

Star Wars Kindle Cover

If there is one thing science fiction has taught us, it’s that our future is destined to include plenty of space travel and reading documents on tablets.

While Star Wars might be a story set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a little reminder of just how influential science fiction can be.

What better way to rock your vast digital collection of Star Wars literature than with a cover that is every bit as much an homage to the fictional world as some of our modern conveniences.

You can pick this cover up for $36.00 on Etsy.

KleverCase Classic Book Cover for Kindle

Sometimes, a little of the old world can give that touch of class to the latest technologies.

KleverCase Kindle cases are made in a workshop with over 35 years of binding experience based in New Forest, England. Each cover is made to order and can be held like a real book.

Worried about your case getting wet or damaged over time? Don’t worry quite so much, the case itself is splashproof and built to last. Each case is made with a strong card base, simulating a classic hardbound book.

You can pick up a KleverCase cover for your Kindle Touch for about £24.99 on Etsy.

Solar Cover for Kindle Touch

While the Kindle itself has remarkable battery life, the idea of having both a useful reading light and the ability to charge your Kindle by way of solar energy. Solar Focus has designed this particular cover to not only protect the Kindle Touch from the bumps and bruises of everyday use, but keep it charged without the need of an external power source.

This is a great solution for long-term getaways and outdoorsy types that get “back to nature” for long periods at a time. The reading lamp, which benefits most from the solar power, operates off a reserve battery which is charged during the day and made available when you need it.

The case itself isn’t extremely bulky or cumbersome, which is a typical trait among portable solar chargers.

You can pick up a Solar Focus Kindle Cover for $79.99 from Amazon.

Dr. Seuss Kindle Cover

Would you read them on a train, or while you’re flying in a plane? Would you read them here or there? Would you read them anywhere?

This cover brings back fond memories of childhood, reading about the adventures of the Cat in the Hat and other characters out of the mind of Dr. Seuss. Each cover is hand made, featuring a padded interior and reinforced exterior frame. This piece may not be the fanciest of the list, but it could be one of the more whimsical and interesting of them.

You can pick up a unique Kindle cover of your very own through Etsy for $29.95.

Leather Steampunk Kindle Touch Case

Few punks are quite as cool as Steampunk. The idea of blending modern technologies with steam-era design is at the heart of Steampunk’s appeal to geeks around the world. This cover in particular is all original and made of two different types of leather intended to both protect and preserve your Kindle Touch for many years to come.

The buckles, straps, and cogwheels add to the overall classic appeal of the case. If you’re looking for something slim and stylish, you need look elsewhere. This case is made to show off, and not simply to hold your Kindle. Further to that, the price is higher than that of any other option in this list.

That said, can you really expect a hand-made custom piece like this to be sold at bargain basement prices? You’re getting something truly original, as you are with several of the items in this list. The time, care, and craftsmanship that goes into these items is no less than remarkable.

You can find the Steampunk themed Kindle Touch Case on Etsy for $149.99.

Any cover in this list could easily be replaced by any number of products sold either in mass or individually as works of art. Finding a cover that does a little more than just protect your gadgets can go a long way towards extending your appreciation of the product itself. After all, what good is having a nifty gadget if you can’t personalize it?

Whether you decide to go with a skin or something more substantial, it’s always good to add some personality to your gadgets. Otherwise, they’d be boring chunks of aluminum, glass, and plastic.

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