Does Social Media Drive Sales?

Does Social Media Drive Sales?Social media is a broad term, though the implications of a good social policy within your company couldn’t be more precise or clear. Business has evolved in the past five years from being a game of marketing to an industry fueled by interaction and community. Businesses now, more than ever, depend on community to grow within the 18-39 demographic.

Why is this? Does social media actually drive sales? How does this happen?

I decided to take these questions to our community of business entrepreneurs to get their take on whether or not how a business handles social media has a direct impact on sales. Here are some of the things they had to say.

Kim Beasley (Social Media Coach)

Since I optimized my profiles on all of the social media websites for my keywords, I have been getting referrals and clients. I actually was found by a Fortune 500 company on LinkedIn who then researched me on Google.

PJ Hannah (IT Support)

I receive at least 4-6 referrals a week from people who I am friends with tagging me or the company page in a post. They are hot leads, too. It requires me to do no selling. The people who tag me in the post have done the selling for me.

Kat Armstrong (Virtual Assistant)

Social media is the only thing used in my case to drive sales, other than word-of-mouth. I’ve been doing freelance work as a virtual assistant for a year now, and have generated some dang good (and steady) work simply by knowing what/how/when/where to post.

Seth David (Nerd Enterprises)

Just about every single lead that comes in my door tells me they were watching my videos on YouTube and/or reading my blog posts. Most likely the way they got to those two places was from a tweet or a post on Facebook.

These are just a few cases where independent contractors and/or small businesses have benefited from the proper use of social media. This success isn’t just limited to small businesses. A growing number of medium and even large corporations are using social media to extend their reach and improve customer relations.

Zappos, which has been acquired by Amazon, puts customer service at the forefront of its public relations efforts. It’s known as a customer-friendly business, and that is one of the key factors that attributed to its success.

Best Buy, Dell, HP, and even Clear have made an effort (albeit with mixed results) to provide some level of customer service and interaction through social media. Some companies do it better than others, but it’s a clear sign that social media isn’t being ignored by the corporate world. In time, it will become essential, if it hasn’t already.

The era of business we’re heading into today is very different from business of the past 40 years. Television and radio are no longer the leading forces in marketing. The Internet has paved the way for targeted advertisements and a public platform for customer service that enables your company to demonstrate that it cares for its customers.

In many ways, the world is becoming a smaller place. Word is getting out about local businesses in ways we could have never previously imagined. Sites like Yelp and Google Local empower consumers to share their opinions and experiences with local businesses. These recommendations can certainly translate directly into traffic through your doors. On the other side, poorly managed social media can have the opposite effect.

Are you a business owner who has (or hasn’t) noticed a difference with the use of social media? On the other side of things, are you a consumer who scouts social media for interaction with businesses you use? Please comment and let us know your experiences!

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  • one such fine example is registering your business on google places, in my little city people actually use google + to find businesses and avail their contact info to proceed for business, and presence is what a business/brand should pay attention to along with organic “social engagement”, if u fake it sooner or later people will find it out and it will hurt your brand, all these tools are simply oppurtunities for you to use them, they do cost time but again time can be managed skillfully.

  • Since almost everyone uses Facebook it helps the sales more with the advertisement on such sites.

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