Circuit City Stay Up All Night Kit 4 Gamers

Circuit City has long had a place in my heart as one of the few remaining dedicated electronics stores out there that provides some level of customer service with your hardware or software experience. You can come in, check out a digital camera, big screen TV, car stereo, software, notebook, or desktop system selection featuring some of the bigger brands on the market with an associate that has at least some knowledge about the products they’re selling.

The real trick to shopping at brick-and-mortar stores is the occasional Easter egg you might find. That occasional deal that really is worth the price of gas to drive down and check out. Sometimes it can be in the form of a great price cut on what is often an overpriced electronic gadget that you really don’t need in the first place but always wanted. Today, the egg came in the form of a box of goodies. It’s called “Stay Up All Night Kit 4 Gamers” and it’s full of caffeine-intensive products that promise to help you stay up all night and game.

The website has the price set at $14.99 though if you take the trip to the store you can save $5.00 and enjoy a price of $9.99. Having higher prices online is one of the trademarks of an old brick-and-mortar store that just doesn’t want to give up the business model.

Opening the box was a matter of lifting a tiny piece of rounded black tape and pulling the handles apart. Inside everything is pretty much as you’d expect. No packing material to speak of, just a box of goodies.

The first thing I pulled out is a snack-size bag of Jack Link’s Premium Cuts Original Beef Jerky. This bag was only 100 calories worth of Jerky and makes for a decent snack portion though it certainly won’t fill you for an entire night. If you’re a hardcore gamer you might want to supplement your jerky intake with a second bag.

The second item in this bountiful box is a can of Mad-Croc Energy Drink. This stuff tastes good for an energy drink. Unlike their less appealing cousins, this one tastes a little less like non-alcoholic beer and a little more like a slightly watered down grape soda. You can tell there is a kick a few minutes after taking the first gulp. After about two or three hours I began to enjoy a bit of a caffeine headache which was less than pleasant. Your results might be different.

A piece of paper was included in my box of edibles! This paper tasted bland and had little to no flavor. It took me almost ten minutes to chew this thing down to a point where I could swallow. I’m sadly disappointed in this addition to the kit. This was not the level of quality I expected from such a premium-looking product!

Next I took out this handy little gem. A small spray bottle that is easily kept in your backpack, pocket, or fanny pack (Just in case some of you 80s fans are reading). It has 20 measured sprays of energy and tastes terrible. You can tell they attempted to flavor the spray, but it tastes more like the flavors that you wish were subtracted from most energy drinks. I will add here that the spray really works, and it works very quickly. I took one shot of it and went about cleaning the apartment. Within minutes I could tell the thing had really kicked in and the high lasted for about two hours.

The last component is a pack of Mad-Croc Energy Gum. This stuff tasted WONDERFUL and was quite possibly the best gum I’ve had in quite a long while. The pieces are thick and plentiful, and they provide a genuine energy boost when you really need one. Keep this pack handy for the next LAN party or that overnight thesis. You might even want to bring it on your next date. Fresh breath and energy all in one package, how can you go wrong?

I’ll have to admit that this package was well worth the investment should you be in need of a pick-me-up during your next overnight session. The coupon inside will help you in making up where the small beef jerky pack falls short. Otherwise, I think the pack has more than enough punch (Double Pun, you didn’t think of it!) to get the job done.

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