Blue Screen of Death T-Shirt

Blue Screen of Death T-Shirt
Don’t let the Blue Screen of Death give you the blues. Wear your discontent with pride! [Image shared by Amazon]
Are you having one of those days where everything seems to going wrong in the worst way? Are you tired of receiving that damned Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) every time you launch a critical program on Windows? Yeah, so are we.

Who can even read this thing, anyway? You can’t sit there and read it because it would drive you mad and you’d end up in one of those padded rooms drooling on yourself while singing Poker Face over and over again. You can’t take a screenshot because the system has crashed, and even if you did, it’s about as helpful as a submarine in the Sahara.

The infamous Blue Screen of Death has wreaked havoc on the IT world for ages, and despite outcries from users, Microsoft continued to make this recognizable and enraging screen a part of the Windows operating system for nearly two decades.

And no, adding a frowning emoticon to the screen didn’t make it any better in Windows 8.

Blue Screen of Death T-Shirt Tells Us How You Really Feel

Help spread awareness about this terrible issue by donning the Blue Screen of Death T-shirt. This shirt turns a cringeworthy error into a fashion statement. Fellow tech-savvy geeks will instantly recognize and appreciate the fact that you, too, have had it with this screen.

This shirt makes a perfect gift for the IT person in your life. It’s made of thick, sturdy cotton and printed in the USA. It’s sure to be a hit among their peers as it turns an otherwise deplorable sight into something worth chuckling over.

So stop dreading the sight of the blue screen and start embracing it as a sign of rebellion against buggy software, lackluster hardware support, and simply annoying pages that really don’t tell us anything about what’s actually going wrong. Let the world know that we won’t stand for this!

Get your own Blue Screen of Death T-Shirt at Amazon and stand out from the crowd in the name of justice!

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