Monsters, Pumpkins, and a Chair

The weather in Austin has been very good for the past few days. The heat of Summer is finally subsiding, and the rain that ushered in the cooler weather is long gone.

I decided to take my camera with me on the road to pick up Luke from school. Sitting in the passenger's seat, I took in the sights and sounds of the city in search of something worth photographing.

One of the first things I noticed was a chair. It sat alone in the center of a median leading to one of the busiest intersections in South Austin. I've seen furniture in the intersections before, often left by panhandlers, but they've almost always been lightweight camping or folding metal chairs. This wooden one seemed so out of place, and I can only imagine the story that goes along with it.

When we arrived at my in-laws house, Luke was already outside. Today was crazy patterns day at school, and I dressed him in camouflage shorts and a tie-dye shirt. I felt compelled to capture the moment, especially with the giant inflatable jack-o-lantern in the front yard to serve as the background.

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