Last year, I wanted to write more. So, I made it a resolution for 2016 that I produce one piece of original content every day. For the entire year, I kept that promise save for two days where for whatever reason I just didn’t have the time in my schedule to get it done.

This year, I want to go bigger.

Write Five Futuristic Father Blog Posts Every Week

My son is on the way in May and I have created a new blog to journal my first experiences with fatherhood. It’s my hope that through this blog I can create a story that my son will one day be able to read and appreciate how much he means to me and Angela (my wife). It will also give me a geeky outlet to explore geeky solutions to everyday parent problems. This includes gadgets and techniques that are inspired by or related to geek culture and technology.

I’ve also found that by watching daddy vlogs and reading daddy blogs has helped me to prepare myself for this important journey. In a ¬†way, Futuristic Father is my attempt to give back to the universe for the inspiration it has given me.

Create One New Original Piece of Video Content Every Weekday

It’s my goal to create a new video every weekday. This may not be exclusive to one YouTube channel or platform. I make videos as part of my work and also as a hobby. In 2017, I want to section off a block of time every day to create videos that are helpful to the viewer. Guides, tutorials, reviews, and news updates are all on the menu in 2017.

I’ve spent the past year improving my video editing techniques, but rarely have I had an opportunity to put them to work in my own videos. Those I usually speed through on my smartphone or throw into Final Cut Pro for a quick audio and color fix. But in 2017, my videos will receive every bit as much care as the companies I work with.

Put my Family First

This is a tough one for me. While yes my wife means everything to me, I’ve let things like social anxiety and misgivings about my weight or appearance get in the way of quality time with her and the rest of my family. I want 2017 to be different. This means making weekends more about family and less about stressing about my to-do list.

Our son will be born in May. I want to the be the kind of father that he will always be able to go to, no matter what. That type of relationship starts on day one.

Time is the greatest resource we have during our brief time on Earth. We spend it literally every minute of every day. It can’t be put off or made up later on. It’s constantly moving, and more than anything I want to make sure that I am making the most of these precious minutes.


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