This election has stressed friendships, spoiled relationships, put families at odds with one-another. It’s been a rough one. Everyone has their individual experience and point of view.

On Facebook and Twitter, I’ve been very vocal about how I see it. It’s important that you make your voice heard in an election. It’s your opportunity to help build a nation you would want your family to live in for years to come. If you don’t, and things don’t go the way you had hoped, you may regret it.

This is an important part of democracy. Making a sound judgement based on your best understanding of the candidates and the policies they would put into action once elected.

Politics are Dirty, the Media Biased

I worked in a political environment for a couple years, for a radio/TV show that right now is doing everything in its power to get Trump elected.

Over the years, I’ve seen the dirty side of politics first hand, heard stories off the record from members of press organizations that are well aware of how the media spins things. Produced interviews with world leaders and sitting members of congress, and more.

Then, I hear from people that have seen things from the perspective of everyone else. They are afraid of one side getting power because of an overbearing sense of corruption and dishonesty. Another side of the aisle fears the presidency of someone that represents an ideology that they find repulsive.

Their opinions are closely shaped by the sources they get their news from. Folks that watch Fox News, for example, are more likely to express a sentiment that aligns more with a strong conservative stance than centrist. The same could be said to viewers of more liberal-leaning media outlets like Media Matters and the New York Times.

This adds to an increasing divide between people. The media paints a picture of the world that is full of violence and anger. Who or what that anger is directed at depends on which media outlet you trust to tell you what’s really going on.

On one side you will hear about how our problems are rooted in a proliferation of illegal immigration and Muslim ideology.

On the other, you hear about the injustices of a system rooted in bigotry and hatred brought on by the growing alternative right.

Your Vote Reflects the America You Want

At the end of the day: you vote for what the candidate represents to you. The status quo of corruption, or an ideology that builds a select group up to the detriment of others. You have to determine what is either the lesser of two evils or the better of two policies.

Regardless of what drives your decision more, you have to decide what type of America you want to live in tomorrow. More importantly, what type of American you want to be.

When the Election is Over, America Has to Wake Up from the Nightmare

Once it is all over, and the votes are counted, and the appeals to the Supreme Court are resolved, we will have to do our best to come together and put this very unfortunate year behind us…

Much like the people in The Purge, going back to their normal lives after the morning sirens signal the end of a terrible nightmare.


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