Whether you call it a gender reveal or a sex reveal, finding out the sex of your new baby is exciting. We found out on Thanksgiving day, surrounded by our closest family and friends.

Angela and I had a NIPT test with Panorama to check for any genetic abnormalities at week 12. It was a precautionary test recommended because we’re a couple in our mid 30s. This test is commonly recommended to mothers over 35 or to parents that have a family history with any of the different types of chromosomal disorders.

In addition to determining we were having a healthy baby, the lab results also include the baby’s sex. Angela’s OBGYN was kind enough to, instead of telling us over the phone, write the baby’s sex on a piece of paper so we could pick it up and deliver it to a family member.

Tori, Angela’s niece, was kind enough to not only keep the baby’s sex a secret for a couple of days leading up to Thanksgiving, but to set up a Pinterest-inspired game to make discovering the sex a fun activity.

So, on Thanksgiving Day among my family and hers, we all found out the baby’s sex together.

The Game

The game we came across involved multiple paint-filled balloons suspended over two blank canvases. These balloons, when popped, would splatter paint on the canvases and reveal the sex of the baby. Different shades of blue or pink paint goes inside these balloons.

The result: two original paintings perfect for the baby’s room and a very surprised and happy family.

Before the game, we took polls on Facebook and in person to gauge everyone’s expectations. The results of this poll:

  • 21 Girl
  • 15 Boy

So, what do you think? Watch the video and find out!


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