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Technical writing has the potential of being a very different career path in 2024 than it has in years prior. For a new technical writer, this means readying for quick pivots as the industry adapts to a new wave of technology.

For many new developers, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are an important part of learning how different data systems interact. GraphQL is an API structure that is quickly growing in popularity for its simplicity and efficiency.

Well-documented APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the cornerstone of any good developer portal. REST (Representational State Transfer) and GraphQL are the two dominant architectures, each with its distinct approach to data retrieval and manipulation.

Burnout is a common problem that many people face in their personal and professional lives. I’m no stranger to burnout, especially after 16 years of writing about technology.

Working as a tech journalist was a career move I have zero regrets about. The pay was never fantastic, and the content was often a bit dry, but the experience of chasing down leads and telling stories about cutting-edge tech was a life experience like none other.

Time is the most limited resource we all have in our lives. Once it's gone, it's gone forever. Having ADHD, time is easily lost in jumping between projects. Often, a random thought becomes a necessary pursuit that easily consumes your entire day. It's a struggle, and one that most people with ADHD deal with every single day.