The Ovente KG83F 1.5-liter cordless glass electric kettle, found on Amazon for $22.99, is a two-piece system including a base which provides power to the burner at the bottom of the 1.5-liter glass container.

The kettle easily swivels and detaches from the base. Replacing the kettle is as easy as placing it on the base.

Short Power Cable

The power cable is just over a foot long. This means the kettle needs to be near an outlet. This can be an inconvenience if you plan on using it outside of a kitchen where outlets are located near the ground. In a kitchen setting, it provides a clean look with minimal cord spaghetti.

Power, Lights, and Automatic Shutoff

A power button at the top of the kettle’s handle activates pretty blue lights that indicate the burner is on. Bringing water to a rolling boil is a quick process. In our test, we brought one liter of room-temperature tap water to a rolling boil in under 6 minutes. The kettle shuts itself off automatically for safety.

8 Color Options

For the price, the Ovente KG83F 1.5 liter electric kettle is well worth it. It comes in 8 color options including pink which is what my wife wanted.

If you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. We bought ours on Amazon and will be enjoying many cups of tea and noodles for some time to come.


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