Luke had a long journey into this world. His birth story is an adventure all on its own. He came into the world a 6 lb. 12 oz. bouncing baby boy and after one month of eating, fussing, and sleeping, he weighed in at an impressive 8 lbs. 6 oz.

Luke’s birth story wasn’t without its hiccups.

The Long Induction

We arrived at the hospital to start inducing labor on May 9th. Induction went on until the evening of May 11th when the doctor recommended a caesarean section as the induction wasn’t progressing. The medicine they give women to induce labor, Pitocin, causes contractions of the uterine muscles which puts a lot of strain on them. After more than two days of forcing them to work, the odds of complications start to increase.

So, we set off to the operating room. Angela was wheeled in ahead of me and I sat outside the operating room doors waiting for the go-ahead to come in. It was the longest five minutes of my life. I had my RX10 in one hand, a paper gown covering my clothes, and little netted footies on my shoes. On the other side of the secured door, I could see Angela’s family standing outside of our room.

They had just missed us. To this day, I really wish Angela had the opportunity to get one more word of encouragement from her mother before heading back to the operating room. It was her first surgery, and despite her wide smile and confident expression, she was very nervous.

Inside the Operating Room

Once inside the operating room, I went to Angela’s side. They had her laying in a crucifix position with her arms stretched out to each side. A giant curtain draped from the ceiling to her upper chest. There were about a dozen nurses, doctors, and technicians in the room working on her at the same time.

After about ten minutes (which felt like hours) the nurse closest to me told me to get my camera ready and stand up. I stood, and witnessed the doctors pulling Luke from the womb. Luke was born.

He was crying from the moment the cold operating room air hit him. Covered in red, he was still adorable. The most beautiful baby in the world. He was briefly shown to Angela and rushed off to the weighing table to be cleaned off and weighed. I was allowed to follow him there.

He was so tiny. A little, perfect bundle of love. His hair curly and black, skin kissed with tan, and giant feet. His feet were crazy big for his size. He has since grown in to them, but that feature earned him the nickname “Thumper” between Angela and I for the next few days.

Angela Meets Luke

Once Luke was dried off and weighed, he was ready to hug his mother for the first time. They brought him back around the curtain and placed him on Angela’s chest. Angela said two words that I will never forget, “You’re perfect.”

The doctors were still stitching her up, but there were a lot less people in the room now than before. It made for a much more comfortable meeting.

Luke wasted no time in looking for his first meal. He instinctually searched for it, snorting and grunting from the moment he made contact with her skin.

It was a very touching moment. Angela had been waiting her entire life to meet her son. After six years of trying, and nine months of waiting, he was finally here.

Luke Meets the Family

After a few minutes, it was time to take Luke to get his footprints taken, immunizations, and all the other fun stuff that comes with being born. I asked if he could meet the family members that were waiting for him. The nurse was kind enough to let him hang out in the hallway so they could greet him before taking him to get his shots.

I made my way to the waiting room, still wearing the paper outfit from the operating room. When I walked in, I smiled and said, “Six pounds, twelve ounces. A healthy baby boy. Would you like to meet him?”

Angela’s parents and sister rushed out of the room at an impressive pace. I’ve never seen them walk so fast in my life. When they got to the crib, we smiled, hugged, and said hello to Luke.


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