Yesterday, we had the most amazing baby shower. It was hosted by Angela’s sisters, mother, and niece. I attended, along with my mother, if only to be able to thank everyone that was thoughtful enough to attend and help us to become better prepared for what’s to come.

Part of the party included officially sharing the name we have chosen for our son: Luke. His name was everywhere! On the decorations, cake, and even in initial form on beautifully-decorated onesie cookies.

I was the only man there. That felt weird, but it was nice to be able to see how many people wanted to come and share in the moment with Angela.

Preparing for his Arrival

Luke will be our first child. We registered on Amazon and Target for things we thought we would need, though we knew that there would probably be a great many things we wouldn’t expect to need once he arrives.

One thing we had been told by just about everyone is that babies are much more expensive than you can imagine: or plan for. So far, this saying has proven itself true even before the birth.

Baby showers are an awesome way for families and friends to come together and help make the transition to parenthood easier. We received incredible advice, had some fun tasting baby food, and came home with diapers and wipes galore.

A Strong Support System

One thing I know Luke will have is a strong support system. Angela and I are dedicated to giving him every opportunity to succeed. From the moment he enters to the world to the moment we leave it.

His grandparents on both sides of the family are eager to do the same. My parents, which drove up for the shower from my home town of Victoria, are anticipating Luke’s arrival. They have been very forthcoming with advice every step of the way.

Angela’s parents are also very anxious. I’ve heard stories of my mother-in-law greeting pregnant women in public and excitingly letting them know that her daughter is pregnant.

In addition to grandparents, Luke will have a plethora of aunts, cousins, and family friends to count on.

There are a lot of things we don’t know, but there is one thing we can say with absolute certainty. Luke is┬áloved.


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