My wife has a new superpower. She can smell everything. I made crab rangoons in the toaster oven last night and before I even left the kitchen she warned me to stay away from her with the smelly little pockets of deliciousness.

Today, I prepared a couple hotdogs for lunch, complete with relish. She could, to my amazement, pick up the distinct odor of the relish from across the room. That infamous pregnancy nose has finally arrived.

With great power comes great responsibility… on the part of the husband. It’s our job to do everything we can to keep odors that, while barely detectable to us, could set off a pregnant woman’s nausea. This includes foods, cleaning products, plants, pets, and bathroom odors.

Poo-Pourri to the Rescue

pourriThere’s a product that you can buy that will mask even the most unfortunate bathroom odors. Poo-Pourri sounds like a ridiculous concept. You spray the water in your toilet a couple of times before you go. This spray creates a barrier preventing odors from spreading throughout the room.

While scented sprays can do an acceptable job for regular folks like us, pregnant women have powers and abilities far beyond mortal men. They need something stronger, and Poo-Pourri is that something.

It works. Really.

A couple of sprays from the little bottle is all you need.

It comes in different sizes from 1-16 ounces, with several sizes made for discrete travel. If you’re over at a friend’s house, or sitting on your own porcelain throne, this is a product worth getting – especially as the second trimester comes along.

Feeding the Cravings

Another cool thing I’ve noticed is that Angela is starting to have cravings. She and I both love Indian and Asian cuisine, and there are days where she comes home wanting rice and chicken more than usual. This is fascinating to me. You might think that¬†her sense of smell has increased so much lately that the idea of aromatic foods like curry and fried rice would be a turn off. But it’s actually the opposite!

This is great for me because I enjoy these foods, too.

Baby Center advises listening to the cravings and giving into them, with moderation. Portion control is critical if those cravings are for more calorie-rich foods such as cookies and candy.

So, for the duration of Angela’s pregnancy, our dinner plans are no longer made in advance. We go with whatever she, and the baby, is in the mood for.



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