The Big Fat Positive

It finally happened! After six years of marriage we have positive pregnancy tests. This is a huge moment for Anita, knowing that she has been looking forward to this day for years. As for me, the smile hasn't left my face since she showed me the first home pregnancy test.

We took two tests. The first was one of the older-style analog home pregnancy tests with two pink strips. If only one appeared, the test was working and she wasn't pregnant. If two appeared, she was pregnant with a >99% certainty.

The second test was a digital confirmation test. The faint pink line on the first test left us unsure if it really was a positive, or if the line was just an illusion. The digital one, included with the First Response Pregnancy Test, confirmed that she was indeed pregnant!

It was almost 3am when we received the results. Too late to call my parents who live a few hours away, and too late to run over to Anita's parents' house and tell them. So, we hopped on Google and started frantically searching what we should do next.

What do you do when you get a positive pregnancy test?

We've been casually trying to have a baby for years. We haven't been watching her ovulation calendar waiting for the perfect time to make a baby, we just didn't take any steps not to have one. We always just assumed that when the time came, we would figure things out then.

But on this late-night moment of triumph, we were suddenly hit with the realization that we didn't know what to do next. My first instinct was to call everyone and tell them the good news before asking them what we should do. Google was working overtime as I frantically typed in things like, "When do you tell your parents you're pregnant," and, "Are home pregnancy tests accurate?"

I'll save you the Google searches right now. You tell them when you feel the time is right, and they are very accurate. That >99% number printed on the First Response box was absolutely right. These tests detect the hormone produced by the body when fertilization happens to a scary accurate degree. It's far more common to get a false negative than a false positive.

So, Anita and I decided to lay down in bed and try to sleep.

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