Angela and I are embroiled in a quest to find the perfect name for our son. We’ve taken suggestions from family members, searched through baby name books, and turned to the modern convenience of the Apple App Store. We’ve fielded hundreds of names over the past month.

Finding that perfect name is tricky. We have to make sure that we don’t step on any existing family member’s names as they could potentially want to pass that name down to their son or grandson. We also don’t want to give our son a name that would be an easy target for playground mockery.

The Pitfalls of a Common Name in a Modern Society

As a futuristic father, I also want to find a name our future son can brand as his own. A common name such as John Smith is fine, but you will never be able to grab the domain name(s) and social media vanity URLs for it. In an age where everyone is a media company in themselves, this is a real consideration. This wasn’t as much of a problem during the pre-Internet era. Back then, your circle of acquaintances was limited to the city you lived in.

I, for example, share a name with a film director. He turned out to be an incredible guy, but if you were to draw a Venn diagram of our professions, they overlap quite a lot. I produce multimedia content. He produces short films. We both have credits on IMDB – albeit on totally different types of projects.

Personally, I’d love to set my son up with a name he can claim as his own on day one. Ideally, I’d like to buy the domain name and reserve the YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram URLs for him should he want to use them when he’s ready.

Baby Name Apps

One of the tools Angela and I are utilizing in our quest are baby name apps. One of the apps we use is called babyname. This app enables us to run through a long list of names, swiping right if we like them and left if we don’t.

If we happen to both swipe right on a name we like, that name gets saved to a special list of matches. It works great, though the names it suggests repeat quite often. You also find yourself swiping through some of the most interesting names in this app.

Another app is Baby Names. This app is extremely popular and very powerful. You can find names by their point of origin, meaning, popularity, and more.

We’ve found some great candidates through these apps.

Family and Friends

Another great resource for finding the perfect name is family and friends. We’ve received suggestions from both of our parents, her siblings, and a few close friends.

Speaking of family, our son will be the child of two different cultures. My wife’s family is Hispanic while my family is predominantly white. We want to make sure that whatever name we choose, our child will feel comfortable identifying with both sides of their heritage.

It’s very common for Hispanic families to incorporate the mother’s maiden name into either the child’s middle or last name. We’re still figuring out what we will do here, as well.

For now, we’re still searching for the perfect name for our son. We have a short list of frontrunners at this time, but we are still open to suggestions. Please feel free to leave a comment and add your own.


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