My wife Angela is 32 weeks pregnant this week. We’re down to the home stretch, as they say. Time appears to be rushing by and standing still at the same time.

We found out Angela was pregnant in early September. It’s hard to believe that 7 months have passed since that late night when we anxiously checked the pregnancy test to see those thin tell-tale lines. Our lives were about to change.

The Long Road to Pregnancy

Angela and I have been together for over a decade, and married for seven years. That’s a long time, and as the years went by we began to wonder whether or not a child would really happen for us. We didn’t actively try for a pregnancy, but we weren’t taking any steps to avoid it should it happen.

Angela changed jobs, we bought a house, and there were a million reasons not to jump into parenthood. One came after another, and we decided that if the clock started running out on us we’d adopt. We gave ourselves a deadline. Either she got pregnant in our sixth year of marriage or we’d start applying to adopt.

It got to a point where even my in-laws were dropping not-so-subtle hints that it needed to happen soon if it was going to happen at all. We went into this summer knowing it was now or never. We actually started using her calendar to determine when the best odds were of having a child.

We didn’t have to wait long. We succeeded on the¬†second month of actually¬†paying attention to the days when the odds were their best. She was pregnant, and we were now expecting parents.

Building Furniture

We took advantage of this waiting time to build some furniture for the baby’s room. This included a crib, dresser, playpen, changing area, bassinet, and a rocking chair. This furniture came by way of Amazon, which works out perfectly for us because we didn’t have to drive to a store and load our tiny cars with these giant boxes. A delivery driver kindly dropped them off for us.

Assembling a crib was a team effort. It takes two people, truly. One person has to hold two pieces awkwardly in the air while the other fumbles around with screws and nuts hoping that the pieces are facing the correct direction.

Admittedly, I needed to use glue to assemble the dresser. There is a wood piece that sits in the middle of the bottom of each of the drawers that screws in at a weird angle and strips at the slightest tension. Where a screw wouldn’t stay in place, a dab of glue held the piece fast. It should hold… unless and until the kid tries climbing inside the drawer and jumping around like a pro wrestler.

The crib and the dresser were both from a company called Delta. The wood finish was surprisingly well done. Each piece looks professionally finished, smooth to the touch, and glossed to perfection. The crib, which converts into a bed later on, is built in such a way that it would last well beyond our son’s needs. In fact, I could easily see us passing this crib down to him for his own children decades from now.

For now, the baby’s room is pretty much complete. With a few sheets and a little bedding, our son will have a nice, comfortable room to lay his head down in.


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