Angela and I went to our 20-week ultrasound last week. We were told that it would be a long appointment, and it was.

Unlike our previous ultrasounds, this one was at a special office that specializes in them. The office was well decorated, but not nearly as comfortable as the one Angela’s OBGYN keeps.

Measuring the Baby

This appointment is called the Anatomy Scan. In the UK, it’s sometimes referred to as an Anomaly Scan. This is a pretty detailed ultrasound, in which the technician takes tons of measurements of the baby from head to toe, checking out vital organs, blood flow, and brain development.

Our son was particularly active throughout the appointment. On first glance, he was relaxing with his legs crossed and his hands up by his head. He wasn’t sucking his thumb, but he was rubbing his forehead a lot.

Before long, he uncrossed his legs and gave Angela’s cervix a swift kick. He looked like a little ninja!

When the technician attempted to get a heart rhythm, he started to swim around. It took her a while to get him to settle down long enough to establish a rhythm: 160 quick beats per minute.

Mama’s Progress

Angela’s bump is getting more pronounced every day. Some days it appears a lot bigger than others, and we’ve even been able to feel what we think is the baby moving around in the womb.

Angela even feels kicks now and not just the light flutters she has been experiencing since her 16th week. When she stands up from the bed or her recliner, the baby gives her a little kick sometimes just to remind her that he’s in there.

Our little ninja.


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